By: Mark Kupina

Top 3 Home Buyer Tips

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I want to talk briefly talk about 3 Home Buyer Tips that I suggest.

Don’t even look at homes until you know your budget, houses can go quickly, finances cannot be rushed. Talk to a mortgage professional, they need to outline exactly what you qualify for, review your income, down-payment documents and credit…. explain the process, what to expect, etc.  We offer these services as well or if we feel your mortgage belongs elsewhere, we can direct you. If you think, ‘well we are not ready to yet’, who cares, talk to a mortgage professional and get a plan put in place…. you need to know exactly what needs to be done to prepare while you wait to purchase/sell.
Interview realtor/mortgage professional/lawyer…see what they can offer, who you mesh well with…who will accommodate you…listen to you…understand you…who you can trust…not just because they are your cousin or your friend used them. Make a decision and commit to them. If you commit to them, they will commit to you. ‘Leaving your options open’…second guessing…googling, will make this process stressful. Mutual respect and commitment go a long way.
Buying/selling is a major decision…and expensive…treat it that way. Visit some houses, research exactly what you want. Know the neighborhoods you’d like to be in, visit those neighborhoods in the morning, evening, weekend. Get your agent to show you some options in your price range, then decide where to put your focus. Don’t just look at homes because its in your price range, you want to know exactly what you are looking for. Your agent needs to be on board with this, so they are showing you ONLY what fits…filtering out homes that would only waste your time. If you can’t afford exactly what you want, find something that can be a stepping stone, build equity… but fits within your 5-year plan.
That’s it! I can go on forever on these topics…. if you want to chat further, call me anytime. If you are looking to Buy or Sell, I’d love to help!!  Contact me at: 905.730.4782.  Have a great day!!
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